The Recent Upscale of Digital Marketing

Over time, the development and use of devices has increased to an incredible and previously unimaginable extent. This opened the doors to a new digital world, which has been important not only to improve communication between people around the world, but it has also helped create a new vision for marketing.

For those people who are just immersing themselves in this world of digital marketing, this is nothing more than a set of activities managed online, either by a person or a group, to attract new users or businesses to their brand, creating relationships, allowing you to develop your own identity.

Making this clear, it is quite obvious that digital marketing is gaining more importance every day. Over the years, people spend more time connected to their cell phones, computers, and tablets, leading marketers to think of new ways to reach people with a single click and the power of multiple devices.

This idea has allowed marketing to go beyond just creating physical brochures, posters, and advertisements. As this field evolves, the digital space allows the creation of thousands of new digital strategies that allow establishing a brand or business on the web.

That is why in this article we will present the impact that digital marketing has generated in the field, which are the fundamental pillars that make it up and some basic strategies that will allow you to enter this new trend.

The immense impact that digital marketing has generated

The internet is here to stay, and it has taken over many aspects of our lives, including the way we work. And although a lot of people resign themselves to adapting to the use of technology, they end up falling down in their social media.

In the case of marketing, many companies still refuse to be part of the change that the internet has generated, preventing their brand from advancing and being recognized not only locally, but also regionally, nationally and internationally, as they are unaware of the new marketing strategies that have been implemented and developed in recent years, and in several cases due to this technological backwardness, they close over time.

That is why all those brands that want to endure over the years must be open to try new marketing and sales strategies that allow them to have an online presence that leads them to achieve the growth they desire. We are in times where everything is a competition, and in the field of digital marketing it is not the exception.

Can digital marketing only be applied in big companies?

The idea that many people have today is that digital marketing is only effective in big and already recognized companies, and prevents many other brands from even starting to use these strategies, is totally false.

Currently, digital marketing strategies are completely required and necessary for both big and small companies to be able to be promoted and go to the top positions before the competition. It can no longer be considered an option.

Failure to use these strategies prevents more people from getting to know our brand, thus generating the loss of a large number of sales opportunities.

Although it may not seem like it, at least a single interaction on the different virtual platforms can help attract more visits to our website, and therefore the chances of selling and making your brand noticed.

How can I get started in the world of digital marketing?

The first step in developing a digital marketing strategy for your brand, it is essential to take into account some aspects:

The audience you want to attract.

Analyze your surroundings, identify the market, other brands in the same field and how they move, how could your brand stand out from the others.

Define realistic objectives (new customer acquisition, sales increase, lead increase) always going from less to more.

Study the expenses and income after implementing the strategies.

Measure your results. This will allow you to determine if the strategies used were effective or not, refine details, use new strategies, among others.

The three essential actions of digital marketing

There are three actions that can never be skipped and taken for granted when employing digital marketing strategies. Although this area corresponds to specialists, it never hurts to publicize the necessary bases and objectives that will allow you to see effective results.

Inbound marketing

It sounds like something complex, but it is nothing more than a methodology that aims to contact a user from the beginning of the purchase process, accompanying and guiding them throughout the purchase process until the final step, always being as helpful as possible.

The various techniques that are combined in this methodology help us to promote your brand so that it is well positioned. The objective of these is mainly to periodically increase the number of visitors, so that they later become users of our social media or leads.

Some of the actions are mainly aimed at four objectives:

Content production to generate more visits.

Entry of leads: when the user already leaves their data when receiving content that is of interest to them.

Marketing automation in which information is sent to the lead based on their needs.

Finally, the idealization, in which they become ambassadors and promoters of your brand.


Like the subtitle, it refers to the commitment or the bond created after the acquisition of a product or service, ending in a stable and lasting relationship with the leads, generating user trust towards the brand.

This step is one of the most important, and in turn, one of the most complex, since this relationship is not generated quickly, but is the result of hard work, in which time, attention, effort and money are invested, with the aim of achieving lead loyalty, which, once achieved, becomes your most faithful ally.


It is a strategy to be in constant communication and keep leads informed through different channels and devices in real time, because sometimes using a single channel is not enough to maintain the type of communication that is desired with users.

This consists of using different channels throughout the purchase process, since many times the first contact could be initiated through a publication on social media, which can later direct it to a catalog on a brand’s website and confirming the purchase by means of email, all with the aim of keeping the different channels unified.

It is necessary that to carry out this step properly, all the channels must be coordinated so that communication with the user can be harmonious, in addition to the fact that it is important to always have an updated database in order to provide an optimal service.

What resources or platforms can I use in a digital marketing strategy?

Social media: The different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, among others that have millions of users, have become an essential means of communication due to how dynamic our publications allow us to be and to allow a more direct connection with customers.

Blogs or a website: These are one of the main recommended online strategies to publish our content and attract new leads. Through this platform we can use strategies that allow us to educate our community and simultaneously promote our brand.

Emailing: Most commonly used in digital marketing as a means to send periodic newsletters to our leads. Through these we can communicate important information related to our brand such as discounts or promotions.

There are many other strategies such as traditional display advertising where we provide banners in different formats or designs, or other written content platforms such as Medium.

Hundreds of platforms allow us to develop marketing strategies, but the most important thing is to identify which is more convenient to attract users based on the type of products or services you offer.

The most recommended thing is that at the beginning, and more if you start to manage it yourself, it is that you select one or two platforms that are easier and more convenient for you to use to promote your brand to the world.

Advantages of digital marketing

Greater accessibility: You do not need a great budget or a great amount of money to be able to apply effective strategies that allow you to promote your brand and receive a return on the investment made.

Viralization: Being on the internet and on different platforms, leads will be able to share your publications easier and faster with a single click, allowing your brand to reach more people.

Create a good reputation: Leads based on the good attention you give them and the good impression that your brand leaves, will allow your reputation to be impeccable.

Credibility: Thanks to the social proof that you can publish on your social media and on other platforms, you can inspire greater confidence in users.

Increase in visits: A well-directed and executed marketing strategy can guarantee that the traffic on your social media, web pages, and other channels increases, allowing the different platforms to automatically recommend you to people interested in the type of products and services you offer.

Loyalty of leads: By taking communication with customers seriously at all times and offering promotions, leads will feel attracted and committed to your brand, being, in the end, users the main promoters of your brand.

The digital world is an arrow to the path of success.

Digital marketing has grown a lot over the years, and what it has shown us recently is that it has enough power to generate a great impact on the social media that help you boost your brand as long as you have the commitment and the originality that they require to hook the leads to acquire the products and services you offer.

Start today without fear! Nothing is lost by trying, and experiencing for yourself the boom and the increase in your sales that the different digital marketing strategies can generate.

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