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Nestled in the heart of the Garden Route lies a vibrant and diverse tapestry of the city of George and the  businesses that contribute to the city’s unique entrepreneurial spirit.

George is a city in South Africa’s Western Cape, on a coastal stretch known as the Garden Route. It’s known for its golf courses and the George Museum, which has exhibits on the local timber industry. The Outeniqua Transport Museum has steam trains and vintage cars. The Garden Route Botanical Garden features trails and local fynbos plants. The Seven Passes road to Knysna town winds through the Outeniqua Mountains. 

From the bustling local markets to the innovative tech start-ups, this South African gem is truly a hub of creativity and ambition. And home to the largest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere! Tucked away in the town of George, in the Garden Route, is one of the most remarkable attractions in South Africa.

The businesses here are not just entities; they are stories waiting to be told, journeys fuelled by passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to success.

As you delve into the captivating world of George’s business landscape, you uncover the varied hues of ambition that paint the canvas of this thriving community.

Whether it’s the traditional craftsmanship of family-owned enterprises or the trailblazing ventures breaking new ground, each business adds its own thread to the rich fabric of George’s commercial tapestry.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by the remarkable stories that shape this burgeoning economic landscape.

Historical and Cultural Influences on George’s Business Community

Originally established in 1976 as an outpost for the provision of timber as a result of the growing demand for timber and the wood used in building, transport and furniture,  this settlement later became George.

From 1772 there was a gradual influx of settlers, mostly descendants of the Dutch settlers, making a living from the forests. It remained a quiet outpost until the dramatic improvement of communications such as roads, rail and air links that exposed the riches of the region and resulted in accelerated growth for the town.

Key Industries and Economic Drivers in George

The George local municipality was the largest contributor to GDP in the Garden Route district in 2020, accounting for 40% of total GDP, followed by Mossel Bay, and Oudtshoorn, accounting for 17.2% and 12.9% respectively.

The figure below shows the contribution share of the Garden Route’s services sub-sectors to the district’s GDP for 2020. The figure shows that:

  • Business services was the largest contributor to Garden Route’s services sector, accounting for 26%;
  • followed by Wholesale and retail trade, accounting for 23%; and
  • General Government, accounting for 16%.

Success Stories: Highlighting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

George has numerous world-class golf courses, some designed by famous golfers. The most well-known, Fancourt Golf Estate, is often the host to high-profile golf tournaments.

Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses in George

The unemployment rate in the Garden Route district in 2020 was 15.38%, with 216,584 people employed from a working age population of 405,818 people.

The Garden Route’s wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation sector was the largest employer in 2020 with 54,778 people, followed by the finance, insurance, real estate, and business services, which employed 39,902 people. The community, social and personal services sector in turn employed 30,679 people.

Supporting Local: Community Initiatives and Small Business Development

The Knysna Business Forum fosters a thriving and sustainable community in Knysna and actively engages with and involves local communities. Strategic drives include involving small businesses to co-exist with larger institutions to add value and create wealth, and a drive to include all communities in the development of George.

Business Resources and Support Services in George

George has a sophisticated infrastructure with banks, conference facilities, businesses and shopping centres including the Garden Route Mall and Eden Meander, transport and sporting facilities, yet retains its small town atmosphere. The city is also a major accommodation centre.

Future Outlook: Trends and Innovations Shaping George’s Business Environment

The top destination markets for exports from the Garden Route district in 2020 were the Netherland, the United States, China, and France.

In terms of the fastest growing export markets, Bangladesh had the highest growth of 168.83% from 2016 to 2020, followed by the UAE (74.51%), and China, which grew at an average annual rate of 40.95% over the period reviewed.

Key selected investment opportunities in Garden Route district, which were highlighted at a recent Investment Conference, some of which are listed below:

  • Agri-Processing & Timber Economy
  • Tourism & Film Industry
  • Oil & Gas, Energy and Water, Waste Management
  • SMME Development
  • Integrated Transport and Infrastructure
  • Information, Communication and Technology (Smart City Concept)
  • Real Estate & Human Settlements

Film Industry

Whether you are looking for white beaches, rugged rocky coastlines, lagoons, lakes, mystic forests, mountains, vibrant pastures, or even semi-arid desert, the Garden Route has it all.

World-renowned as a tourist destination with a Mediterranean climate, the region is the ideal location for your next production. It has an abundance of diverse, scenic landscapes in close geographic proximity, and well-developed infrastructure.

Films shot in the Garden Route include Born to Win, Klein Karoo, Knysna, Faan se Trein, Fiela se Kind, The Breed, Lord of War

TV Series shot in the Garden Route include Bear Grylls: Mission Survive S2, The Bachelor Finland S1 and S2, Black Sails, Crusoe

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