Digital Marketing for Security Companies

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Why is digital marketing for security companies important?

The Security segment in South Africa is projected to grow by 10.26%, (2022-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$149.00m by 2027. (Statista).

South Africa Security Industry

South Africa’s Security Industry is one of the largest in the world. The nation’s police force has even fallen behind because of underfunding. This with the increased crime rates that we are currently experiencing customers are relying on more and more private security as the solution

driving security market volume

According to the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PRISA), there were 9,539 registered security companies in South Africa for 2022. Private security firms employ over 500,000 registered security officers across South Africa. Almost twice the size of the nation’s police force.

Employment and Start-ups

The interesting part is how the security market is growing. The two main benefits are:

  • The growing demand for security services also means more jobs are being created in the field.
  • But it also seeing an increase in the number of entrepreneurs creating start-ups in the security market.
    • In today’s age of technology, IT is being used to provide security solutions for home and business users alike.

But it is not just about volume.

The 3 Drivers strengthening SA security industry

Private security firms across the country are taking advantage of market growth to deepen their capabilities on 3 fronts.

driving security market depth
  1. The use of specialists/experts

These companies are hiring professional security specialists to lead smaller teams in handling projects in their portfolios. They are also working with companies from the United States and Europe to create new tools and to gain access to bigger catalogues of police supply.

  • Investment in Technology

On top of that, there has been a big increase in investment in equipment department, adding high-quality security vehicles with automatic license plate recognition, facial recognition, and other advanced features.

As a result of these investments, private security companies are now able to offer a wider range of services, including the protection of commercial and residential complexes.

  • Regulation

The industry is further strengthened by PSiRA taking a more active role in regulating the industry resulting in better standards and detailed regulations.

The additional entrepreneurial interest and technology investment creates a strong local security market.

The question becomes:  

“How do you stand out from the crowd?”

An increasing number of security companies are turning their attention to digital marketing to remain competitive.

Is your security company ranking?

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Are you ranking for “best CCTV“, “best security company“, “CCTV for complexes“, “CCTV for home“, “door alarm“, etc, with your target markets, and in your target areas? These are very common online searches these days.

Security is an increasing priority for any individual or premises. But below the line advertising (print media, billboard and pamphlets) are not enough to reach an increasingly Online audience.

Today an informative website is very much the minimum requirement for every establishment selling security equipment and services. Consumers prefer internet at first place to find and order anything from clothing to grocery.

Along with good website, ranking top of the search page is necessary to be in view of prospective customer.

Remember, MORE IN SEARCH means MORE IN BUSINESS, but don’t let your customers find your competitors.

So what are the building blocks for a digital marketing presence for security companies?

Website optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Brand Building services are key to remain top in searches.

Service 1: SEO Services

SEO for security companies

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a technique to make your website searchable according to the the key phrases which a customer uses to search for his/her requirement for e.g. “best security agency“, “CCTV for home“, “CCTV for  shops“, “CCTV for factory” etc. SEO for security company is an essential ingredient in digital marketing. Being on page one of the search results is a key way to grow your business and revenue.

Service 2: Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Facebook /twitter/Instagram/WhatsApp/LinkedIn are dominant social media platforms. Stay engaged with customers to communicate, display and to campaign your message to far reaching customers.

Service 3: Website Development And Optimization

A well designed website is the foundation for any digital presence and comes before starting any of the SEO or/and SMO service. A website is a virtual experience centre of your services and products. When we talk about Digital marketing service for CCTV/security service; the more detailed website is  information and videos of services and achievements, the better.

Service 4: Brand Building Or Online Reputation Management (ORM) for security companies

Online reputation management is another key requirement. A customer does thorough research before buying; he/she looks for reviews, virtual tour, page ranking etc before deciding to take service.

Service 5: Geographical Targeting

local SEO for security companies

Customers typically searches service specific to the location ‘find a dentist near me most of the times. It is important for a website to rank for searches looking for specific geographical locations.

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