Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in South Africa

South Africa attracts about a million patients every year who seek medical tourism, with Cape Town the leading medical destination for travellers on the African continent.

People around the world visit South Africa to get affordable treatments with a variety of other attractions. South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism, with a global ranking of 22nd out of 47 for medical tourism.

Is your practice benefitting from medical tourism?

Common Treatments in South Africa

South Africa is popular for affordable cosmetic surgeries such as
• Breast Augmentation,
• Liposuction,
• Nose Reshaping,
• Facelifts,
• Tummy Tucks,
• Heart Surgery,
• Orthopaedic Surgery,
• Dentistry,
• Organ transplantation, etc.

Cost Comparison of Medical Treatment in South Africa and the USA

ProcedureOverseasIn South AfricaSaving %
Heart bypass surgery 144,000 USD,50,000 USD66%
Angioplasty 57,000 USD14,200 USD75%
Hip replacement 50,000 USD20,000 USD60%
Spinal Fusion 100,000 USD8,000 USD92%
Dental Implants 25,000 USD850 USD66%
IVF treatment 12,400 USD4,000 USD68%
Breast augmentation 8,000 USD3,600 USD55%
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Why do People Choose South Africa as a Medical Tourism Destination?

Below are some of the primary reasons why people choose South Africa as a medical tourism destination:

  • Facilities
    • The availability of advanced technology procedures which are performed by highly trained personnel.
    • The legendary surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the world’s first heart transplant in Cape Town.
  • Cost Advantage
    • Not only are cost-effective medical treatments provided but, medical tourists are also eligible for a rebate on the 14% Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Convenience
    • Most waiting times are lower than elsewhere – leaving more time for the patient to spend their budget in South Africa.
    • English is widely spoken.
    • Personalised services are provided.
    • Visitors to the country for less than ninety days do not require a visa.
  • Location
    • The natural beauty, climate and variety of tourist’ attractions and add further benefit for CONVALESCENCE LOCATIONS and/or HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS.
Cape Town

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